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Compassionate Personalized Dentistry ...

We Understand

Compassionate Personalized Dentistry ...

We Understand

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It is our passion to provide perfection and create healthy smiles through state-of-the-art techniques and fine artistry.


Perfection in dentistry defined with optimum care.


Brightening your smile brings on a new life.


High tech equipment beyond your expectations.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Your smile matters! Let us at Maiden Lane Dental improve the appearance of your smile with a “total smile makeover” by choosing one or more of our cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Clear plastic trays custom designed for your mouth to straighten crooked or crowded teeth, close gaps and adjust overbites.

Porcelain Veneers

Thin tooth colored custom-made shells that cover your tooth providing immediate tooth enhancement, strength and resiliancy.

Whitening & Bleaching

ZOOM! The #1 professional whitening system available today. A safe and effective in-office procedure that whitens your teeth in as little as one hour.


Removable prosthetic devices made to replace missing teeth. Offered in a variety of designs that include complete and partial mouth styles and sizing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The top 5 most frequently asked dental questions by patients.

How can I make my teeth whiter?
There are several options available. We offer teeth cleanings, in-office whitening, and take-home whitening tray kits with different whitening gel strengths.
How often should a get a checkup?
The ultimate goal is to prevent decay, disease, and tooth loss. Your dentist can help you but only if you make the appointment. Based on your individual circumstance, only you and you’re dentist can determine how often to schedule a visit. For most people, twice a year is the norm.
What is gum disease?
Gum disease is caused by the build of plaque which is not removed. This causes germs which lead to periodontal disease. Puffy tender red gums and gums that bleed are the first sign of the disease. The only way of removing plaque deep under the gums is with professional routine cleanings.
Are dental x-rays safe?
The technological advancements over the years has lead to low radiation levels emitted. The typical dosage is usually extremely small (around 0.150 mSv for a full mouth series, according to the American Dental Association website), This small burst aimed at a small area is equivalent to a few days’ of daily environmental exposure to sun, smog etc.
Why should I use dental floss?
Bacteria lives in the plaque caused by food particles. Brushing get rids of some, but flossing gets rid of the bacteria hiding in tiny spaces that the toothbrush can’t get to. If not removed the plaque hardens into tartar which can cause periodontal disease.

What Our Patients Have To Say

I really think that this is as good as it gets in terms of dentistry. Carla at the front desk is very sweet. Vinny is a great hygienist! The cleaning was gentle, pain free, and he's such a friendly guy. Dr. Becker is also very funny and efficient. The staff here don't just care about your teeth, they care about the whole person. This is the best experience that I've ever had at a dentist, and I've lived in New York my entire life. I'd recommend them to anyone anytime.

Chyann T.

I travel back from Chicago to see these guys. Enough said, right? Dr. Becker, Vinny and the whole crew make going to the dentist a pleasant experience rather than a dreaded one. They encourage rather than fear-monger. Can't recommend enough!

– Michael