Rotary – Endodontics

Benefit from faster and more comfortable root canal treatments with our rotary endodontic technology, ensuring thorough cleaning and sealing of the root canal.

The term Endodontics (root canal), is a procedure whereby, the roots or nerves of the tooth are completely removed using an electrical hand-piece instead of manual files. This procedure eliminates the drilling noise allowing the procedure to be completed without the unpleasant noise to the patient and with greater ease by the dentist.

At Maiden Lane Dental we will begin by numbing the area so that you are comfortable during the procedure. During the procedure, there are no unpleasant drilling noises while removing the roots or nerves of the tooth. Once the root is removed and infection free, we will provide a crown to protect the tooth and your smile.

With rotary endodontics, the entire procedure is virtually pain-free resulting in a pleasant experience. If you are feeling any pain or sensitivity to hot or cold, call us today at 212.249.0877 for a consultation or use the contact form.

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