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Oral Cancer Screenings

Did you know that there are approximately 45,000 cases of oral cavity and throat cancer per year resulting in approximately 8,000 deaths? It is known that smoking and alcohol use are highly related to the cause and will affect most people over the age of 50. Successful treatment is highly dependent upon diagnosing and treating in the early stages. The best way to detect oral cancer early is to visit a dentist who is a specialist in the oral cancer screening field.

Dr. Becker and the dental care team at Maiden Lane Dental is your front line in oral cancer detection, thanks to the revolutionary VELscope. This device provides a quick and easy screening for the early stages of oral cancer when it is most treatable.

Oral cancer screenings previously relied on observation of physical signs and feeling the skin for evidence of cancerous lumps. By this point, though, most cases were in the later, deadlier stages, with a 45% post-diagnosis mortality rate. In its earlier stages, though, oral cancer has an 80-90% survival rate. VELscope lets us diagnose oral cancer while it is still in the earliest stages, allowing the best chance of survival.

The VELscope works by emitting a blue light that, when aimed at your mouth, causes the tissues to glow. This high-energy light will produce fluorescent areas that will look different when it is not normal, healthy tissue. Our team will observe the tissue through special optical filters that let us see the differences. This will show us any areas that might need further examination.

This whole process just takes minutes. It is a tiny investment of time to protect your long-term health. Our Downtown NYC dental practice at Maiden Lane Dental is happy to offer you the VELscope screening as just another way to keep you happy and smiling for a long time. Contact us by phone at 212-509-4585 or use our contact form.




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