6 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Oral Health

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Oral Health

Small Steps to Improve your Oral Health

Are you asking yourself the question, “why is oral health important? Have you recently visited your dentist and found your dental check-up a bit disappointing? Well, oral health care is essential to keep your teeth healthy and prevent tooth decay, problems such as periodontitis and more. Here we list several small steps to improve your oral health and ensure a better outcome at your next dental visit. It’s a good idea to set small goals to help you progress towards bigger ones and tell at least one person who can hold you accountable for reaching them.

Create an Oral Health Care Routine and Stick to It

At a minimum, all adults and children old enough to brush their own teeth should brush for two minutes two times per day. Brushing your teeth shortly after you get up in the morning and before going to bed at night works best for most people. Don’t forget to floss to get food particles trapped between teeth that could turn into bacteria. Using a fluoride toothpaste helps keep your teeth extra clean and healthy while finishing the job with antiseptic mouthwash gives you fresh breath as well as healthy teeth and gums.

Trade Candy and Sweets for Fruits and Vegetables

It’s easy to reach for a cookie, candy bar, or a bag of potato chips, especially when it doesn’t take any effort to make these foods. Unfortunately, too many of these treats are bad for your physical health, waistline, and oral health. Instead, prepare a tray of freshly sliced fruits and vegetables and put it in a spot where you or other family members can easily see it when you’re searching for something to eat between meals.

Say Hello to H2O

Water helps you stay hydrated and satisfied so you’re less likely to snack. It’s also great for your teeth, especially when it contains fluoride. Unlike soft drinks and even some fruit juices, water contains no added sugar that can contribute to tooth decay. If drinking the recommended eight glasses per day sounds impossible, just aim to drink more water than you do now.

Covering Your Toothbrush Invites Bacteria

Placing a cover over your toothpaste or putting it in a drawer uncovered attracts bacteria that you then re-introduce to your mouth the next time you brush. Instead of doing these things, consider placing your toothbrush upright in a holder.

Choose a Soft-Bristled or Electric Toothbrush for Best Results

Hard bristles can damage your teeth, so it’s best to use soft bristles for a gentle cleaning. An electric toothbrush can be especially useful because it can clean all sides of the teeth at the same time.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Schedule an appointment for a consultation with your dentist. It is recommended to schedule 2 cleaning visits per year.

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