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Enjoy dental procedures with enhanced comfort and entertainment using our state-of-the-art video glasses for a relaxed experience.

At Maiden Lane Dental it is extremely important to provide all of our patients with a dental experience that is comfortable, relaxing with the least amount of stress.

We can provide you with our high-tech video glasses. You will be able to select from a list of over 250 titles, movies, and TV shows The video glasses are lightweight and feature a high contrast display. The sizing and focus can be adjusted for each individual patient. They are specifically designed to help reduce anxiety by visually transferring patients from their dental surroundings and completely immersing them in a movie or TV show.

Do you have anxiety with just the thought of going to the dentist, let alone actually having to go? Let us at Maiden Lane Dental help you through the process. We are located in lower Manhattan and have developed a great relationship with all of our clients in the Financial District and beyond.

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