Link Exists Between Plaque and Early Cancer Risks

Link Exists Between Plaque and Early Cancer Risks

Plaque and Cancer Have Been Linked As Interrelated Components

While tooth decay might not actually cause cancer, the plaque that often leads to caries is thought to be responsible for early cancer deaths. Plaque and cancer have been linked by several studies as interrelated components of a person’s life. The buildup of large amounts of plaque might lead to the development of early cancer in a person. What this means is that people get cancer earlier than they might otherwise develop it and die sooner than the average life expectancy for their gender. One study was done in Sweden, BMJ Open. The conclusion confirmed that poor oral hygiene, resulting in dental plaque was linked to increased cancer mortality.

What is Plaque?

The film that develops on the teeth in between periods of brushing is called plaque. When this film is left on the teeth, either because of improper brushing techniques or the failure to brush at all, it breeds bacteria. Some scientific studies suggest that excessive amounts of plaque and early cancer are linked.

What Are Early Cancer Deaths?

When an individual dies from cancer before the average life expectancy, this demise is labeled as an early cancer death. Basically, the person is thought to have died earlier than he should have given current statistics regarding cancer. Plaque might have caused this cancer.

Plaque and Cancer Link Can Lead to Premature Death

While it might sound dramatic, many dental professionals believe that plaque and cancer are clearly linked in a causal relationship. If a person has a constant buildup of plaque on the teeth, the risk of developing certain types of cancer increases.

Plaque and the Development of Cancer and Other Systemic Diseases

In addition to the suspected link between plaque and cancer, another one is thought to exist between plaque and certain systemic diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease are thought to be caused or sped up by the presence of plaque. The belief is that poor oral health leads to poor overall health.

The Link between Plaque and Cancer: Other Influencing Factors?

In addition to the suspected link between plaque and cancer, other circumstances also influence the occurrence of early cancer deaths. Alcohol and tobacco use, infrequent dental visits, and gender might also increase the risk of cancer. Nonetheless, the relationship between plaque and cancer should be recognized.

It’s Time For Prevention!

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