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At Maiden Lane Dental, we proudly provide quality general dentistry services to Manhattan’s Financial District. We are committed to providing the best patient care and service in a comfortable setting. Our dental team is here to help every step of the way and create a unique patient experience. Our goal is always to exceed our patients’ expectations.

How Can Maiden Lane Dental Help?

Our dentists and team have a philosophy of providing compassionate care and exceptional experiences while restoring your smile with quality dental care and are committed to helping each patient make informed decisions about their oral health. We are located in the Financial District in NYC and find great value in serving these communities. Each member of our team cares for every person that walks through our door. We pride ourselves on treating each patient like a member of our own family.

Regular visits to your dentist have greater significance than just brushing your teeth. Dental checkups are not only important for oral hygiene but also can prevent additional health issues such as gum disease and oral cancer. We have listed below a list of our general & family dentistry services. Click on each of our services to learn more.

Bonding / White Fillings


Hygiene / Periodontics


Dental Crowns


Root Canals


Dental Implants


Tooth Extractions


Bonding and White Fillings

Dental bonding is performed to change the shape and color of teeth, close the gap between two adjacent teeth, increase the length of teeth, and to change the shape and color of teeth. White filling, also called composite resin, is a mixture of glass and plastic that is used to restore decayed teeth and to change the shape and color of teeth.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that a dentist places over a weak or damaged tooth to restore its size, shape, and strength or to improve its appearance. Upon the completion of the dental crown procedure, it fully encases the part of the tooth that lies above the gumline.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are replacement teeth roots. They are made of titanium, a metallic-white metal that is a strong, yet ductile, metal. The reason this metal is used is it fuses very well with the bone — a process called osseointegration. They look like screws or posts and are fixed and implanted in or on the jawbone directly, without touching the adjacent teeth.

Dental Hygiene and Periodontal Health

At Maiden Lane Dental our dentists specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of periodontal disease, therefore, we are referred to as periodontists. Coinciding with this specialization we are specialists in dental implants and oral inflammation.

Root Canals

A tooth’s pulp and nerve can be damaged and infected by decay, large filings placed in the tooth, a cracked or chipped tooth, and repeated dental procedures. The root canal procedure removes the affected pulp and nerve pulp and cleans the inside of a tooth to prevent further decay and prevents the surrounding teeth from becoming infected.

Tooth Extractions

We will do everything we can to avoid pulling a tooth, including root canal treatment, but sometimes teeth must be extracted. Our team has years of experience with tooth extraction and your comfort is our highest priority.

Make Sure to Schedule Regular Check-Ups With Your General Dentist

If you live in or near the Financial District in Manhattan, please consider becoming part of our dental family. We are enthusiastic about helping you with your oral health needs. You can give us a call at 212-509-4585 to schedule an appointment. You can learn more about our practice from our business page, and make sure to check the map for directions before you head our way!