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Laser Dentistry is a new innovative type of dental care today. If you are experiencing oral issues such as periodontal gum problems, cavities, and more laser dentistry can be the answer. It is a minimally invasive surgery option. Lasers are extremely focused light beams which can alter and remove small amounts of tissue. It has become the preferred choice of many dentists because it makes the procedure go more smoothly and reduces the amount of discomfort and healing time after.

Laser Dentistry mostly treats issues related to the gums such as:

  • Biopsies
  • Canker and cold sores
  • Reducing gum inflammation
  • Regenerating damaged nerves
  • Removing throat tissue which causes sleep apnea
  • Removing benign oral tumors
  • Reshaping of gums
  • The exposure of wisdom teeth
  • Treatment of root canal infections
  • Treatment of gum disease


  • Infection is less likely due to the laser sterilizing the gums
  • Less irritation and damage to the gums
  • Loss of less blood than the traditional surgery
  • May not need anesthesia
  • Reduces discomfort
  • Shortened healing time after
  • Sutures may not be needed

There are two types of lasers used during the procedures, hard tissue, and soft tissue lasers. Because each type of tissue absorbs wavelengths of light in different ways the correct laser must be used for a specific type of tissue. The hard tissue lasers are used primarily for teeth. They can cut into them precisely and accurately. The soft tissue lasers are used when performing gum work. Due to the light wavelength, they are ideal for cutting into soft tissue.

Whichever laser is used for your individual circumstance you can expect an easier, less stressful procedure with a shorter healing and recovery time. Contact Maiden Lane Dental for more information and to proceed. One of our courteous, happy staff technicians will be happy to set up an appointment to get you started. Contact us by phone at 212-509-4585 or use our contact form.

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