3Shape Digital – Intraoral Impressions

Say goodbye to messy traditional impressions. Our 3Shape digital technology ensures accurate and comfortable impressions for your dental treatments.

At Maiden Lane Dental we are 100% committed to not only welcoming our patients but providing them with the utmost of care along with giving the most relaxing and comforting experience that we possibly can.

It is important for us to engage and educate our patients and give them the total insights into their personal dental health and proposed treatment. In order to do this, we have implemented the 3Shape complete studio of scanners and software. The unique software allows us to simplify the design of cosmetic procedures such as crowns, inlays, bridges, and veneers. Second, it allows us to enhance our patient’s overall experience by offering surgical planning and procedures. Overall, by providing enhanced digital impressions and technologies it enhances a wide range of dental procedures for both patient and dentist.

The 3Shape Digital System will provide better and more accurate results vs the traditional FPD impression scanner. Today it is the most powerful system used.

The entire staff at Maiden Lane Dental are committed to continuing education to better understand and help our patients. Times change and so do the dentists and staff at Maiden Lane Dental.

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