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Cosmetic dentistry is about helping people to put their best face forward. Not sure what we mean? It means we give people the opportunity to achieve the looks they want. When you change your smile, it can change everything about your face and how you feel about it. While you may have decided you need a cosmetic dentist, you need to take the second step in the process. You need to find the best dentist in NYC to help you achieve the look you want. Let us take a minute to tell you how to find the best cosmetic dentist NYC for you.

Why Should I Go to A Cosmetic Dentist?

Just like doctors, dentists have specializations. While dentists in every specialty attend the same kind of dental schools, they branch out for their residencies. Thinking about changing the entire look of your face? You will have to find a dentist who has extensive training and experience in cosmetic dentistry. You wouldn’t want someone changing your teeth unless he or she was very good at what he or she does.

How Can I Make Sure I Get a Good Cosmetic Dentist?

There are several things you can do to guarantee you get a cosmetic dentist who is perfect for your needs.


You may want to ask for referrals from people you trust. Many people have had cosmetic dentistry done on their teeth. If you have family and friends in NYC, and you think their teeth look great, ask them who they use. You also may want to ask your dentist for recommendations.


Once you have a list of names, go on their websites and look at the information about each dentist. You might also want to read their reviews on sites that post customer reviews. Read the good and bad reviews. Also, by going on their websites and getting information, you’re looking at their complete services, procedures, and appointment settings.

While reviewing the websites, ask yourself if the cosmetic dentist is able to achieve the look you want. Reach out to them on their contact form to get more information.

Check their Credentials

Of course, referrals are important. However, before you make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist, you need to check his or her information. Most dentists provide information about their education and experience. Read their ‘about’ pages on their websites. You should be able to get a feel for the dentist, his office and overall experiences of patients.

Be Definite About What You Want

Once you have selected a dentist you feel is a good fit, make sure you communicate with him or her. Make a list of things about your mouth you don’t like, or that you would like to change. If you make this list, you should be able to better communicate with your dentist about what you do like.

Listen to the dentist when you go in for an appointment. While cosmetic dentists can see the possibilities in your smile, they also need to hear what you want. In addition, they need to show you what they think would be best for your mouth. That way, you can make great decisions about your mouth and what outcome you would like to see.

Are you ready to find a celebrity cosmetic dentist who is the best cosmetic dentist NYC? Then, contact Maiden Lane Dental in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York. Let us help you plan for the perfect smile.