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Invisalign, Clear Aligners


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the process of using an array of plastic trays, called aligners, to move teeth in your mouth. These aligners are custom fit to every single mouth. If you’ve ever seen or had a retainer, they are very similar in the way that they can be removed and placed back with ease. Instead of having a mouth full of metal that can pop, require tightening, or require tons of rubber bands to adjust the teeth, aligners are a clear plastic that is worn over the teeth and are invisible.

Pros to using Invisalign, Clear Aligners:

  • Works more quickly than braces. Traditional metal braces take two years on average, while the average Invisalign treatment plan only takes 12 months.
  • Less prone to maintenance. No springs or metal pieces can snap or fall off. Aligners can break due to negligence, but fewer pieces mean less likelihood of breaking.
  • More convenient. You don’t have to pick at your braces like crazy to get every scrap of food out, you simply remove the tray, brush and clean when you’re done and put it back in.

Does Invisalign work for crowded teeth?

Crowding happens when your teeth don’t have enough room along your jawline, so they can overlap, bunch up, and grow in sideways to just break through. This can make it very difficult to adequately brush or floss due to hidden and twisted crevices and surfaces of the teeth that are not accessible. When these issues combine, then it’s easier for tartar, plaque, and cavities to go unattended and to cause even bigger oral health issues.

In short, yes, Invisalign, clear aligners work for crowded teeth! Working with our highly skilled Invisalign dentists can help you set up exactly what you need to be done for your teeth and how to move forward.

How does Invisalign work for overbite?

An overbite is the result of a misaligned jaw, normally called a malocclusion. Specifically, an overbite is when the top teeth hangover in front of the lower line of teeth instead of meeting tip to tip. Overbites can be naturally occurring, or they can develop due to bad habits in children and adults alike. Thumb-sucking and prolonged bottle-feeding can cause an overbite in children, as well as nail-biting and pencil chewing, can cause it in adults.

Invisalign works great with overbites! It can be taken out and replaced with a mouthguard during sporting events, so it’s great for athletes who don’t particularly want to fall on a mouth full of metal.

How does Invisalign move teeth?

Aligners are a bit different from retainers in the sense that they are not perfect molds to your teeth. They are slightly different so your teeth gently shift to fit into the mold provided, instead of just retaining the shape of your teeth as retainers do. They should be worn 20 to 22 hours per day to ensure your teeth stay on the right schedule. They are not supposed to worn while eating or drinking. The aligners must be removed at every meal and must be cleaned along with the teeth. The invisible liners can become stained by stray food particles on your teeth, so proper care is essential.

How long does Invisalign take to straighten teeth?

The answer to this question varies because of the sheer difference in situations from user to user. A person with crowding and a protruding overbite will take longer than someone simply wanting to adjust a few crooked teeth. Most users of Invisalign report noticeable changes within two to three months and most courses of treatment can be wrapped up within 12 months for adults. But smaller issues can take as little as eight weeks.

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