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I Have A Missing Tooth, What Are My Options?

Missing Back Teeth Solutions

There are several solutions to replace missing teeth; here are three of the most popular.

An implant is the most common way to replace missing teeth. An implant is placed into the missing tooth’s bed and a crown is placed on top. Ninety-five percent of implantation procedures are successful and the implants themselves are often durable and permanent. But the treatment is more invasive and most expensive. An implant also supports the bone and stops teeth from naturally moving to fill any gaps in the jawline. Any bridges or dentures will have to be replaced eventually because of a dental shift.

A partial denture is a removable denture that is placed only with the missing teeth. This procedure is less expensive, restores one’s smile, and is non-invasive. But partial dentures can shift and become unstable, may not look natural, and are easily broken.

A tooth-supported bridge is a temporary tooth replacement option used where two crowns are fitted onto the adjacent teeth and a tooth is attached to them in the middle, forming a tooth bridge. This replacement option is quick and looks great. A tooth-supported bridge is very cost effective but is a bit pricier than removable dentures. Also, the two surrounding teeth must be ground down and could become a food trap if not cleaned regularly.

Front Tooth Replacement Options

Healing the original tooth is obviously the best option. There is no need to panic if a tooth is lost. If possible, place the tooth back in its socket or store it in a cup of milk on the way to the dentist. Do NOT place the tooth in plain water. Go to the dentist immediately. If the tooth cannot be saved, there are some other options available.

Dental implants are the most durable, permanent, and strongest way to replace a front tooth. As such, implants are also the most expensive. A mold is made from the missing tooth (if it hasn’t been lost). Then the mold is used to ensure that the crown over the implant looks and feels the tooth. A removable denture, or a “flipper”, is provided while the implant heals before a crown may be placed. This is an extensive and costly procedure but the results can last a lifetime.

Maryland bridge isn’t a common procedure, but it is used when the two teeth on either side of a missing tooth are very healthy. A tooth-supported bridge is made, but instead of crowning the adjacent teeth, small wings are bonded to them to hold the tooth in place. The Maryland Bridge is much less invasive but is not as durable as an implant.

A removable partial denture is more durable, lasting for years if properly cared for. The denture does not replace the tooth, but it fills the space of the missing tooth. As such, there is still the possibility of teeth shifting to move closer together.

For front facing teeth, dental implants are the best option to have a smile that will stay for years to come. To replace missing teeth, dentists are also concerned with a patient’s overall dental health including the jaw bone, teeth alignment, and gum health. An implant is an easiest and safest way to ensure that every aspect of one’s dental health is addressed.

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