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If you are a bride, you have a million things to do before your wedding. Nearly every bride we know has a to-do list that is a mile long. You may have taken months to get ready for your big day. When that big day comes, the last thing you want is your white dress to clash with your not-so-white teeth.

If you just had a fitting, and you realized your smile isn’t camera-ready, we have some tips for you. Here is some information about teeth whitening before your wedding.

How Do You Whiten Your Teeth for a Wedding?

How you whiten your teeth for a wedding depends on how long you have before the big day. It also depends on how white you need your teeth to be. Do you have some time and only need to lighten your teeth a couple of shades? Then, you may want to begin with a whitening mouthwash and toothpaste. These can gradually lighten your teeth over time. If you need more than two or three shades of whitening, you can try whitening strips. You can purchase them in many grocery stores and/or drug stores. Whitening strips take a couple of weeks to see any results.

Do you need your whitening to be many shades brighter, or you don’t have a lot of time? Then, you can visit a dentist. Dentists can give you the right treatments for teeth whitening that are best for you. You can do some of the work at your house with teeth whitening trays. Or, your dentist can do all the work for you. The best part? Your dentist can whiten your teeth all in one sitting. It takes minutes for a dentist to bleach teeth. Teeth whiteners can even include light or laser treatments.

How Soon Before My Wedding Should I Whiten My Teeth?

This is a common question. You don’t want to whiten your teeth too early. That’s because, over a few weeks, your teeth can become stained. Think about what you eat and drink. A teeth whitening procedure is only as good as how you care for your teeth. If you drink a lot of coffee or tea or eat a lot of berries, your teeth will stain quickly. Also, if you are a smoker, your teeth will not stay perfectly white for long.

We have some advice for you. First, go and get your teeth whitened at a dentist about a month before your wedding. Second, make sure you are brushing your teeth with tooth whitening toothpaste and use whitening mouthwash. Also, if you smoke, drink a lot of caffeine, or you’ve been eating berries all summer, brush your teeth afterward. The sooner you brush your teeth after you smoke, drink or eat, the less likely you will have stained teeth.

Follow Up

As your wedding gets closer, you can stop by and let us check your teeth. We can make sure they are still as white as they were when you left the office a month ago. That way, you will walk into your wedding with all eyes on you and know your teeth are sparkling. If your teeth aren’t as white as they were a couple of weeks ago, we can fix the problem quickly.

Are you looking for an amazing dentist? Do you need a dentist who can perform miracle whitening on your teeth in time for your big day? We can help. We love to whiten teeth for brides. After a visit with us, you will know your smile is the brightest thing in the room. Other than your sparkling engagement ring, of course.

Contact Maiden Lane Dental, Cosmetic Dentists. We are in NYC’s Financial District. Give us a call today and let us get your teeth ready for your wedding!