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Dental Implants vs Dentures

Many Dentists encourage their patients to choose implants instead of dentures because implants are better for the jawbone. Implants act as teeth roots that prevent the bone from shrinking. Dental implants also look and function more like real teeth, and they don’t present the problems with discomfort and slipping that dentures often do.

The main problem for patients is that not everyone has dental insurance. Also, many insurance policies only cover a small portion of the cost or none at all. Patients must decide whether paying for the implants out of pocket is worth it. They should consider some important advantages associated with these devices.

Maintaining Jawbone Density

The human jawbone naturally tends to deteriorate somewhat with age. Gum disease also can cause bone destruction to a certain extent. In addition, when no teeth roots are in the bone, it tends to shrink more rapidly. Elderly individuals may start having a bit of a shrunken-mouth appearance, and that typically is worse in people who have worn dentures for many years.

Without teeth roots, the jawbone shrinks because it does not receive stimulation to keep it strong and to maintain adequate bulk. That stimulation is normally a result of chewing. This problem primarily affects the part of the bone that surrounds the teeth roots, an area known as the alveolar ridge.

Preventing Gum Irritation

People who wear dentures need to give their gums a rest for several hours each day. Most commonly, they do this at night while soaking the dentures. Even when a patient follows these instructions, however, gum irritation still may develop because the devices sit on the soft, sensitive tissue. The slightest bit of looseness may cause the false teeth to rub against the skin during chewing.

Appreciating the Convenience of Hygiene

To properly clean dentures requires removing them for brushing and soaking. This increases the chance that the person will be seen without the false teeth. In contrast, dental implants are brushed and flossed to keep them clean, just as normal teeth are.

Concluding Thoughts

These are just a few of the reasons why many dentists recommend dental implants instead of dentures. Talk with a dentist about these advantages to determine what is best for you and whether the benefits are worth the extra expense to you.

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