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It happens to a lot of people every day. Your toddler accidentally hits you in the mouth with his or her sippy cup, and you chip your tooth. Someone bites down on a coffee mug too hard while he or she is drinking coffee. His or her tooth cracks. People sometimes get chips or cracks in their teeth, and they have no idea why. There is a process that dentists use to fix cracks or chips in teeth: bonding. Bonding will restore the look of your original tooth. It is an easy, quick, and cost-effective solution to cracked or chipped teeth.

Bonding Teeth

Dentists use composite material to fill in chips, cracks, gaps or spaces in teeth. In the past, dentists would cover up chips or cracks using gold or silver. People used to consider this a sign of wealth and privilege. However, most people now want a material that looks like their natural teeth. That way, no one can tell the person has a chip or a crack. Bonding allows dentists to do just that.

To bond teeth, dentists use a dental composite to fix imperfections. The dental composite comes in many different shades, so a dentist can fix the problem and match your teeth. The colors match so perfectly, your bonding will be nearly invisible to the naked eye.

How Long Does Composite Bonding Last?

While composite bonding is a miracle, it is not foolproof. It is also not as good as your regular tooth. The amount of time it lasts depends on what you use it for and how careful you are. If you have chipped one of your front teeth and you have it bonded, it can last. Be careful, though. If you eat apples without slicing them, or you open things with your teeth, you may break off the bonding.

Bonding is like many dental procedures. If you take care of your mouth, and you do not chew extremely tough food, your bonding may last. The good news is, if you do break your bonding, it is easily replaced. You will need to visit the dentist to get new bonding put on. The procedure is painless. If you’re going to bond a tooth, make sure that you whiten your teeth before, rather than after, the process. That way, all your teeth will match. Next, the dentist will choose the right color of bonding for your teeth. He or she will mix up the bonding and apply it to your tooth. That’s the whole process. It is a simple procedure to do, but the effects are amazing.

How Much Does Bonding Teeth Cost?

The amount of money you pay for bonding will vary on the number of teeth you have bonded. It also depends on how much bonding agent the dentist uses on each tooth therefore, dental bonding teeth cost will vary. You will need to check with your dentist. Your insurance can cover a lot of the bonding process. This is especially true if the bonding is to repair a tooth or fix a large cavity. Generally, insurance will not cover cosmetic bonding.

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