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Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. When you are confident in the way your teeth look, you are more likely to smile often. Teeth whitening is an effective way to improve your smile.  Food, beverages, smoking, or even certain medications can stain teeth. Therefore, if you are searching for a dentist New York offers in your area, you can count on Maiden Lane Dental to provide you top quality teeth whitening options.

Teeth Whitening Options

In-office bleaching or the Zoom method is widespread these days, and Maiden Lane Dental offers this whitening method. The Zoom treatment helps to restore the natural color of teeth. Hydrogen peroxide solution goes on the teeth, and a specialized lamp is applied to the teeth to lift the color of the teeth. The light from the lamp breaks down the hydrogen peroxide, which makes your teeth whiter. You will undergo three 15-minute sessions during the Zoom treatment. At the end of the procedure, the dentist will brush your teeth with a fluoride solution to protect your teeth and decrease sensitivity.

You can also opt for the tray whitening method; this involves using a tray customized for your teeth. The complete process takes a few weeks. After the dentist creates trays utilizing a mold of your teeth, you will receive instructions for how to wear the trays at home. The dentist also provides you with a whitening solution that is placed in the trays before you put them in your mouth.

After deep cleaning your teeth, your dentist may also give you a whitening kit to use at home. The package can include a whitening pen with a substance you can “paint” onto your teeth to keep your teeth looking great. Some kits also include whitening trays similar to the ones that are used in the dentist office so you can keep your teeth looking their best in between appointments.

Maintaining Your Smile

After you have received professional teeth whitening treatment, take care not to eat too many foods that will stain your teeth. Drinking too much dark coffee over time can stain your teeth make them dingy due to the acid in the coffee. You may also want to switch to white wine or rose instead of red wine since the striking red color can leave a residue on your teeth as well. Eating foods like strawberries and walnuts can also help you maintain a white smile since these foods remove plaque that can lead to teeth discoloration.

Talk to your dentist about the best whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes to use after your treatment as well. These products can keep your smile intact until your next whitening appointment. Mouth rinses and toothpaste with ingredients like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide naturally whiten teeth and remove bacteria and toxins from the mouth that can lead to discoloration and bad breath.

Maiden Lane Dental Is Here to Help

If you are looking for the best teeth whitening NYC has to offer, Maiden Lane Dental has the services you need. If you are living in upstate NY and cannot come to the Financial District, NYC, just search for “dentists in New York” to find a dentist in your area. At Maiden Lane Dental the experienced and friendly dental team is happy to answer all your questions and make you feel at ease during your dental appointment. You can even look at a few pictures to get an idea of what your teeth will look like after the whitening process. Be sure to talk to your dental specialist about the best ways to care for your teeth after whitening to maintain a bright and healthy smile.

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